The Source |Richie Valentino Takes Artistry to New Levels with ‘Multiple Personality: Volume 2’


Music, more than anything, is a constant companion during people’s most memorable moments, casting light on important issues, addressing emotions, and offering consolation to those who are struggling from the start. Richie ValentinoLong Island-based artist, ‘Multiple Personality’, sees his ability as a platform for inspiring listeners, even in the face adversity. He recently released the second installment to his album ‘Multiple Personality’ and followed it up with ‘Multiple Personality: Volume 2.’ He takes his artistry to new heights with this one, and showcases some of the things that got him to this point.

“A lot of time, energy, and love was put into this project,” Valentino said. “I want my fans to recognize my versatility in this project. I want them to walk away from listening and say, ‘wow this kid really has multiple personalities.’”

Richie Valentino spoke out about his inspirations and how he would describe the sound of his music in an interview.

“My sound is incredibly versatile,” he said. “I sing on some songs, others I rap very aggressively. Both voices are very different.”

An example of his versatile sound can be heard on “Without Your Love,” which is on the album. The track features both singing and rapping.

“Many of my fans are always shocked how I switch it up so quickly,” Valentino explained. “I have a song on my album called ‘Without Your Love’ where I sing and rap and it sounds like two completely different people, but in fact it’s me featuring me.”

Richie Valentino stands out despite the fact that there are many thousands of talented artists on the market.

Richie Valentino, when he’s not rapping and writing sick beats, works as a concert and event producer. The rapper said that music is his escape from the chaos of the nightlife scene. He also shared who he considers his main inspirations in the creative process of creating songs. He admires Kanye, Biggie, and Drake.

Riche Valentino’s distinct voice, brave exploration of delicate and contentious subjects, and remarkable tale will undoubtedly reach and impact the lives of many more people in the years ahead.


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