Jade Alexis Makes Debut With “My B*tch”


Female singer and entrepreneur Jade Alexis has been gaining ground quickly, showing others that she means business. The artist recently made her debut to all major streaming platforms with her track “My Bitch”.
Lasting just under 3 minutes in run time, “My Bitch” showcases Jade Alexis’ confident flow and song writing abilities. Alexis doesn’t waste time, delivering aggressive bars over heavy 808 beats. The singer flaunts her lifestyle of money and success, while also explaining that she’s been elevating in a big way.

Alexis will follow up her debut track with a new track this month. The track is supposed to be called “Toxic”, and will cover the ins and out of a one sided, toxic relationship. “The whole song talks about how a female is toxic but doesn’t really know what she wants”, explains Alexis. “She goes back and forth from wanting a guy but then not really wanting him. She just wants to keep the guy in her corner for her own pleasure just like the stereotypical guy does.” 

You can listen to ‘My Bitch’ below.


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