A Look at Songs Written About the Insurance Industry

A Look at Songs Written About the Insurance Industry

We expect songs about love, friendship, heartache, and trucks. Songs about the insurance industry? That’s more unusual. Yet insurance touches on protection, security, and assurance. Here is music that inspires and invites contemplation—proving that insurance inspires rock stars, too. Here are songs that provide a musical framework to appreciate the concepts of resilience, stability, and […]

Chicano Rap


Artist Name Serio Born Los Angeles, California U.S.A. Birth name Jonathán Pérez Origin Highland Park, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Genres Chicano rap, West Coast rap, Hardcore rap, Gangsta rap, Hip hop, Rap Occupation(s) Rapper, Author, Actor, Producer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur Years active 2005–present Labels Serio Controla Records Website http://www.seriocontrola.com Serio biography Jonathán Pérez, better known as […]