The Source |Emerging Record Producer and DJ, YikeMike Is One of the Greatest From the Inland Empire


Never doubt your dreams. YikeMike overcame criticism to achieve success.

Michael Dunford, a Rancho Cucamonga, California resident, is the record producer/dj known as YikeMike. At just 12 years old, he began his journey as a music lover by making beats on Magix Music Maker. His taste was influenced by Deadmau5 and Skrillex. His sound would change over time. He started producing trap beats to share with his Rancho Cucamonga High School classmates and other artists from the Inland Empire. Fighting through backlash from classmates calling his beats, “trash” YikeMike only gained motivation to push the boundaries of his craft.

His sound developed over time and now reflects a west coast vibe. This was the moment that Fat Meech, an LA rapper and entrepreneur, found him. Their friendship led to his introduction to Almighty Suspect which enlisted YikeMike to sample the hip hop beats “Becky,” “Perfect Beat,” and “WhyYouBullShittin” for a series of freestyle challenge contests. The beats became a sensation across California, especially “WhyYouBullShittin” which went viral inspiring the “TikTok dance” sound and being recognized by rappers like YBN Nahmir and Suga Free, who created the original beat. YikeMike’s name was spreading like wildfire in the industry and his brand saw new heights of fame.

He would connect with one of the hottest new artists at the time, Blueface, producing his song “Next Big Thing” before following up with “2 Coccs” and “In The Zone.” His popularity skyrocketed even further when arguably the greatest artist of this generation, Drake, listed YikeMike’s produced track “Next Big Thing” as his anthem. YikeMike was a producer that supplied heat to many artists in California. YikeMike’s brand was at an all-time high. He expanded his talents to graphic design, music engineering and clothing design. He has been a regular host at major parties and is a key figure in the California DJ scene.

YikeMike is one the most promising upcoming DJs in California. Follow his social media and support his brand.

Instagram: @yikemike

Twitter: @1YikeMike

Blueface “Next Big Thing” produced by YikeMike:


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