K Paz De La Sierra At Photo Studio
Duranguense Mexico

K-Paz de la Sierra

K-Paz de la Sierra is a Duranguense band that was formed in the United States by Mexican natives. The group was formed on Christmas Eve of 2002 by some departing members of Montez de Durango. The company Disa Records gave them the opportunity. K-paz de la Sierra was well known in the U.S. in only the first two months.

Within the first three hours that the CD came out, 35,000 copies were sold in Chicago. They debuted in 2003 with the CD titled Arrasando Con Fuego and the lead single Jambalaya. Some of their biggest hits are “Mi Credo,” “Volveré,” “Con Olor A Hierba,” “Pero Te Vas A Arrepentir,” “Procuro Olvidarte” (Hernaldo Zúñiga’s first international hit), and “Y Aquí Estoy.”

In October 2004, following their second album, Pensando En Ti, four original members: Jair Loredo, Oscar Cepeda, Simon Valtierrez, and Jose Luis Corral, left to form La Autoridad De La Sierra. Jair Loredo returned to the group in 2007.

On May 28, 2007, following ongoing disputes with former lead singer Sergio Gómez, seven long-time members of the group left to form AK-7, which stands for “Antes K-Paz”, and the seven members remaining in the band.

Eight months after Sergio Gómez’s death, second vocalist Beto Durán, Luis Diaz and 3 other members left the group to create Majestad de la Sierra.

On December 2, 2007, lead singer Sergio Gómez and two businessmen were kidnapped as they were leaving a dance hall in Morelia, Michoacán. The two businessmen were released, but Gómez was found dead on December 3. He was found with signs of torture and was recognized by the tattoo that he had. He had many bruises and burns that could have been caused by a cigarette.

Sergio Gomez was strangled to death. According to friend Jose Manuel Zamacona, Gómez had been warned not to perform in Michoacan. Sergio Gomez’s dad told the Chicago Tribune that the body would reach his hometown of Indiana. His last good-byes were given there. Following Gómez’s death, his brother Juan took over as the leader of the group.

On December 6, 2007 Gómez, as well as another murdered Mexican musician, Valentín Elizalde, were posthumously nominated for the Grammy Awards.

On January 29, 2008, K-Paz introduced a new lead vocalist, Miguel Galindo.

The new album was released June 2, 2009, following a two-month postponement. It features the single “Como Un Tatuaje,” composed by Espinoza Paz. It also features Guadalupe Esparza of Grupo Bronco performing a cover of “Adoro,” a song by Bronco.

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