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Christian Chavez

Real Name : Jose Christian Chavez Garza
Nickname : N/A
Born : August 7, 1983
Birth Place : Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico

The success of Mexican telenovela Rebelde led to the formation of the popular band RBD. Although Chávez became famous with Rebelde, he appeared in another popular telenovela, Clase 406 as Fercho along with his Rebelde co-stars Dulce María, Anahí, and Alfonso Herrera.

In June 2007, he appeared briefly in the stage show Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar, and after May 2008 he participated in Avenida Q (the Mexican version of Avenue Q), where he played the main puppet characters Eugenio (Princeton) and Rodri (Rod); his presence was meant to be one of the box office attractions to the show.

As of early October 2008, it was confirmed that Chávez would star alongside Dulce María in the next production of the RBD’s creator, Pedro Damián.

In early March 2007, a magazine published pictures of Chávez signing documents and exchanging rings with another man, allegedly his Canadian boyfriend (and later identified as B.J. Murphy), outing Chávez with them.

The pictures had been taken in 2005, the year in which gay marriages became legal in Canada. Chávez declared in March 2007, that the photos showed a part of him that he had not been willing to discuss previously for fear of rejection, of criticism, and especially because of his family and the consequences that being gay would bring.

On 30 March 2007, after Chávez’s announcement of being gay, Ricky Martín told The Associated Press of his solidarity with Chávez’s public declaration, saying, “Life is too short to live closed up, guarding what you say…(Chávez) has to be free in many aspects. I wish him much strength.”

In 2007, the singer was arrested for attempting to buy a marijuana cigarette in New York, he apologized for the event, and later his bandmates made a statement giving him their support even though he had made a mistake.

In September 2007, Chávez was accused of being abusive to husband BJ Murphy. He denied the rumors as a “vile lie designed to hurt his career”.

Though he is outspoken in supporting gay rights and opposing homophobia, he has said that he doesn’t want to be seen as the representative of the gay community. However, in June 2008, he appeared in the front page of a new Mexican gay magazine, OHM, where he exposed a more relaxed and mature position about those subjects in an interview. He is a big fan of S.L. Benfica of Portugal and has been seen at all the games.

As of June 12, 2009, Chávez confirmed divorcing his husband. The reason for their separation has been the subject of much speculation, but Chávez has insists that their relationship did not end on bad terms: “[Murphy] is a person I love and respect; I also admire him as a professional.”

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