Jose Dario Orozco Striking A Pose
Colombia Vallenato

Jose Dario Orozco

Real Name : Jose Dario Orozco
Nickname : N/A
Born : July 27, 1984
Birth Place : Villanueva, La Guajira, Colombia

Jose Dario Orozco is one of the new personalities of vallenato song that has a promising future. He’s a young man, just 22 years of age and possesses a wealth of singing talent and an undeniable charisma.

He showed talent and strengthened with the hit ” La Gente de Omar” where he recorded tracks that became hits as “La Pupera”, “Mi mama me lo decía”, y “A ella le luce todo”. Jose also had the opportunity to do shown nationally and internationally in concert tours throughout the country and visits to the United States, Mexico, Venezuela and Panama.

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