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Dominican Republic Merengue

Johnny Ventura

Real Name : Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano
Nickname : El Caballo Negro
Born : March 8, 1940
Birth Place : Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano, was born in the city of Santo Domingo, on March 8, 1940. For political reasons, in 1959, he adopted the name that today has him occupying a sitial on high in the latin american music scene.

A dedicated artist, possessor of an enviable voice with unbelievable hip movements, has been a winner in every sense of the word. His peculiar style and interpretation of song has carried him to travel through the Continents of America, Europe and Africa.

Johnny, next to his Orchestra, has been presented in the best dance arenas of our planet, among them are: The Carnegie Foyer, Madison Square Garden, Studio 54 NY, Hollywood Palladium of California, Astro Village of Houston, The Dinner Key Auditorium, Flager Dog Track and Fountaine Blue in Miami.

Johnny has also been presented in La Quinta Vergara of the Famous Festival Viñas del Mar en Chile, The Auditorio Nacional of México, Le Petit Fleur of Zaire, The Cubanito Night Club of Switzerland, Teatro Nacional of Santo Domingo and many more where his music has been a awarded with fervent applause.

Johnny Ventura, known as “El Caballo Negro” has always been an artist that is known to season his work with a fun sense of humor and can be easily understood in his interpretations. Who does not recall the famous songs… “Patacón Pisa’o”, “María”, “El Elevador”, “Con Mi Comadre”, “Oye Capullo”, “El Negrito es el único tuyo”? An endless number of songs that place him in Tropical music history as one of the few latin american artists of the world that has managed to record 103 albums.

Johnny has recorded duets with Celia Cruz,Willie Chirino, Basilio, El Cieguito de Nagua, Millie Quezada, Rolando Laserie, María Díaz, Andy Montañez, Armando Manzanero, Daniela Romo, El Grupo Niche, Wilfrido Vargas & Víctor Víctor, among others.

His political concerns caused him to enter the Dominican Revolutionary Party in 1962 and since has represented his country as the Secretary General of the Districto Nacional Committee, President of the Central Region, Leader of the Command of the Campaign for the Western, North Region I and II.

At present, he is one of the Vice Presidents of the Party. Besides, an active Representative of the sindicated National Congress and Mayor of the City Santo Domingo. All this and a dedicated family life, married for thirty-three years with Mrs Nelly Josefina Flores de Ventura, with whom she has had three of his seven children.

Evidence of his excellent artistic tragectory has earned him a “Latin American GRAMMY” under the Musical Productions record label, for one of his latest albums “Sin Desperdicio”.

The MP (Musical Productions / Label, Now presents, the Merengue Superstar, Johnny Ventura, with his second production and the number one hundred and third album of his career, titled “103 Boulevard”. This historic production shines with the participation of guests artists the likes of Sergio Vargas, El Jeffrey, Luis Vargas and his son Jandy Ventura, among others.

It contains ten hip undulating songs that reflect different types of merengue. which represent a musical evolution: “La Mujer Que nos Gusta”, “Ese Swing es Mío”, “Permiso”, “El Ultimo Merenguero”, “Por Esa Mujer”, “Hablemos Claro”, “El Viejebo”, “La Chiflera”, “Vengo” & “El Mambo Mío”. For Johnny Ventura, A career of 46 years has transcended him through time, according to the demands of its fans. It is for this that in the first song in promotion “El Viejebo” has included a touch Reggaetón sound and where many renown artists are emphasized.

We anticipate that this new production will cause a resurgence of the Merengue genra since it contains all the necessary elements to become one of the general publics favorite.

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