Merenglass Band Members
Merengue Mexico


Merenglass is the most popular merengue group in Mexico. The Dominican merengue-Mexican group represents the most authentic musical fusion and real meringue and Caribbean rhythms with sensitivity and taste Mexican Dominicano.

The name of the group, responds to the linkage of the compound word Meren … taken from the word meringue, which defines the hot pace of Dominican music, and sugar GLASS essential part in the preparation of Mexican candy called merengue and fusion of the name of its founder with the meringue.

With a determined pursuit of achieving the penetration of merengue in the popular taste of Mexico, the Dominican musician Ramón Glass founded the musical concept and the institutional March 4, 1994, beginning an arduous journey on the show and the artistic environment, with defined recording projects, TV shows, live performances and renowned newspaper mentions in various media: TV Novelas, Furia Musical, El Universal, Listin Diario, The News, El Sol de Mexico and its various editions throughout the Mexican republic, Excelsior , El Heraldo, etc.

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