Lounger G In Shades
Chicano Rap Latin Hip Hop

Lounger G

Real Name : Fernando Leonard Carrillo Nickname : N/A Born : January 30, 1984 Birth Place : Pueblo, Colorardo Lounger G Music Lounger G Bio Rap Artist Lounger G aka Fernando Leonard Carrillo of the “Its The Robber Project” EP Album. He is known for creating EP albums as a throwback to the old 45 […]

Julio Voltio Rocking The Puerto Rican Sweater
Latin Hip Hop Puerto Rico Reggaeton


Real Name : Julio Ramos Nickname : Julio Voltio Born : March 19, 1977 Birth Place : Santurce, Santurce, Puerto Rico Julio Voltio is one of the reggaeton genre’s best-known artists. His nickname came to be as the result of an accident. Before joining Karel, he worked as an electrician. One day, he stuck his hand […]

Kinto Sol Posing For Los Hijo Del Maiz Album
Latin Hip Hop

Kinto Sol

Kinto Sol is a Latin Hip Hop group based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group consists of three brothers: DJ Payback Garcia (Javier García), El Chivo (Eduardo García) and Skribe (Manuel García); originally from Iramuco, Guanajuato, Mexico, they moved to the US at a very young age due to financial struggle. They rap mainly in Spanish, […]

La Sinfonia Band Members
Latin Hip Hop

La Sinfonia

When La Sinfonia launched its debut album El Dolor, La Lucha, Y El Triunfo, it was a watershed moment in Latin hip-hop. After years of being marginalized, Hispanic urban music (Hurban) was making up for lost time with a renaissance of young Latino talent whose official language was “bilingual”. Raised in East L.A. by immigrant […]

Pitbull Photo Shoot
Latin Hip Hop Reggaeton


Real Name : Armando Christian Perez Nickname : Mr. 305 Born : January 14, 1981 Birth Place : Miami, Florida, United States Armando Christian Perez, better known by his stage name Pitbull, is an American recording artist. His first recorded performance was from the Lil Jon album Kings of Crunk in 2002, after which he […]

Chingo Bling And His Rooster Cleto
Latin Hip Hop

Chingo Bling

Real Name : Pedro Herrera III Nickname : The Tamale Kingpin Born : N/A Birth Place : Houston, Texas, United States As one Texas’ premier underground rappers/entrepreneurs, Chingo Bling has achieved a level of independent success that only a few in his generation have accomplished. Dubbed the Latin Russell Simmons because of his ability to […]