Raulin Rodriguez

Real Name :Raulin RodriguezNickname :El Cacique del AmargueBorn :June 16, 1970Birth Place :Montecristi, Dominican RepublicRaulin Rodriguez, born June 16, 1970 in Montecristi, is a Dominican bachata singer known nationally as “El Cacique. “While still a child, he showed a love for music, but could not study for lack of economic resources. Raulin began playing guitar and singing a self-taught in the school choir at the age of 14.Raulin Rodriguez was given the nickname, “El Cacique del Amargue” by his fans from the Dominican Republic.Raulin path in the bachata is one of the most outstanding. Raulin has made so far run a number of successes we have achieved few bachateros. In the opinion of those who know this, Raulin is among

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