My Baby
Puerto Rico Reggaeton

Ñengo Flow

Real Name : Edwin Rosa Nickname : Real G Born : October 15, 1981 Birth Place : Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Edwin Rosa, known publicly as “Ñengo Flow” is a hip hop artist and composer of Puerto Rican reggaeton. His fast and complex lyrics have him being referred to as the “Real G” of the […]

Black And White
Puerto Rico Reggaeton


Real Name : Jose Cosculluela Nickname : El Principe Born : October 15, 1980 Birth Place : Humacao, San Juan, Puerto Rico Jose Cosculluela, known artistically as Cosculluela, is a Puerto Rican Reggaeton & Hip Hop singer-songwriter. Cosculluela is best known for his complex lyrics and aggressive style. José Cosculluela was born and raised in […]

Yomo Posing With Black Hoodie


Real Name : Jose Alberto Torres Aberu Nickname : N/A Born : July 17, 1981 Birth Place : Chicago, Illinois, United States Yomo born in Chicago, Illinois was raised in the barrio of Tres Puntos, Humacao, Puerto Rico. Before becoming a professional artist, he used to work as a handyman on Puerto Rico’s Palmas del […]

Julio Voltio Rocking The Puerto Rican Sweater
Latin Hip Hop Puerto Rico Reggaeton


Real Name : Julio Ramos Nickname : Julio Voltio Born : March 19, 1977 Birth Place : Santurce, Santurce, Puerto Rico Julio Voltio is one of the reggaeton genre’s best-known artists. His nickname came to be as the result of an accident. Before joining Karel, he worked as an electrician. One day, he stuck his hand […]

Ivy Queen Looking Beautiful
Puerto Rico Reggaeton

Ivy Queen

Real Name : Martha Ivelisse Pesante Nickname : The Queen of Reggaeton Born : March 4, 1972 Birth Place : Anasco, Anasco, Puerto Rico Ivy Queen is a Puerto Rican Latin Grammy nominated reggaeton composer and singer. She is most commonly known as “La Reina del Reggaeton” (The Queen of Reggaeton). She is among the […]

Pitbull Photo Shoot
Latin Hip Hop Reggaeton


Real Name : Armando Christian Perez Nickname : Mr. 305 Born : January 14, 1981 Birth Place : Miami, Florida, United States Armando Christian Perez, better known by his stage name Pitbull, is an American recording artist. His first recorded performance was from the Lil Jon album Kings of Crunk in 2002, after which he […]

Nova Y Jory Striking A Pose

Nova y Jory

Nova & Jory, are a reggaeton duo. Nova, was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and Jory was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico. They started their career in 2003, are currently signed to Millones Records. They are working on their debut album Mucha Calidad set to be released February 2011. In 2008 they broke with BandLandz, […]