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Puerto Rico Reggaeton

Ñengo Flow

Real Name : Edwin Rosa
Nickname : Real G
Born : October 15, 1981
Birth Place : Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

Edwin Rosa, known publicly as “Ñengo Flow” is a hip hop artist and composer of Puerto Rican reggaeton. His fast and complex lyrics have him being referred to as the “Real G” of the urban genre.

Flow Ñengo was born on October 15, 1981 in the town of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. This great rapper grew up and was raised in the town of Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Since early childhood Ñengo was interested in the world of urban music. His beginnings as a rapper were developed with lyrics from the streetsof his beloved Bayamon. His lyrics were born from the experiences of everyday life, with his classmates and neighborhood. It is not until the age 14 when Ñengo Flow was first presented on stage in the neighborhood where he lived in a community activity. There he discovered his mission and dream in life to be an advocate of life in the neighborhood and and vented his knowledge in the streets to express his feelings.

Years passed, and then emerged “Ñengo Flow,” baptized with this name by his neightborhood. His beginnings as an artist releasing a “Mixtape” with colleagues and friends, whic was heard on Univision radio. In this way, Ñengo Flow draws his first album titled “Flow Callejero”, thereby earning the respect of his new audience and fans creating audience which today support him.

Ñengo Flow has been involved in a countless number of musical productions with large urban colleagues gender: Los Cambumbos (2005), DJ Joe – Abusando del Género (2006), Los Anormales (2004) and SangreNueva (2005).

With “Flow,” Ñengo has worked with stars such as Don Omar, Julio Voltio, Arcangel, Yomo, Ivy Queen, Yaga y Mackie, De La Ghetto, among other pillars of the genre.

Success in Ñengo Flow’s career is just beginning. This great rapper and his team work Million Records led by businessman Lester Ozuna (President) shall be sounded around the world by the year 2010. His music has evolved and captivate the minds of many. New experiences and take ete sounds great artist of the urban genre, Ñengo Flow to conquer new lands and leave your name throughout all the land captured.

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