Mc Ceja Striking A Pose
Chicano Rap Puerto Rico Reggaeton

MC Ceja

Real Name : Alberto Mendoza Nieves
Nickname : El Cejon
Born : February 15, 1978
Birth Place : Arecibo, Puerto Rico

MC Ceja a Puerto Rican reggaeton and rap artist. Also known as “The Cejón” due to heavy eyebrows.

MC Ceja was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, but raised both in Brooklyn, New York and Puerto Rico with his brother and sister. His brother, called “Cejita” died in a car accident in 2006. When Albert was 13 years old, he began performing in talent shows and local parties. He also began composing songs that made fun of teachers and classmates.

His breakthrough came when he met reggaeton producer, DJ Eric, over the phone, and playing one of his songs was able to capture the attention of DJ Eric.

Back in the day when recordings were made in underground cassettes, Ceja released a song called “Dame Ese Blunt.” Thereafter Ceja began appearing in productions such as Hip Hop Reggae Mix, Street Style 1, Street Style 2. He was also an important part of DJ Eric Industry Volumes 3, 4, 5, which produces a lot of MC Ceja memorable songs like “Jingle, Jangle, ” “So Good”, “No Paciencia, ” “Mueve Tu Figura de Campeona (Shalalalong ).

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