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Puerto Rico Reggaeton

Ivy Queen

Real Name : Martha Ivelisse Pesante
Nickname : The Queen of Reggaeton
Born : March 4, 1972
Birth Place : Anasco, Anasco, Puerto Rico

Ivy Queen is a Puerto Rican Latin Grammy nominated reggaeton composer and singer. She is most commonly known as “La Reina del Reggaeton” (The Queen of Reggaeton). She is among the few female artists in the reggaeton genre.

Ivy Queen was born Martha Ivelisse Pesante in Añasco, Puerto Rico. When she was young, Ivy Queen’s parents moved to New York City where she was raised. Her parents returned to their hometown of Añasco, Puerto Rico for about 2 years when Ivy was in her teens, there she spent her time perfecting her craft while hanging out with barber/rapper chu chu tren. When she was 18, Ivy Queen moved to San Juan where she met rapper and producer, DJ Negro; who introduced her to a group called “The Noise”, with whom she wrote and performed her first song “Somos Raperos Pero No Delincuentes” (We’re Rappers, But Not Delinquents). In 2008, she resumed her studies, intending to conclude her high school education. She stated that the reason behind this decision was to “deliver a message to young people”.

Soon, DJ Negro convinced Ivy Queen to go solo and in 1997, she made her debut with the recording of the album En Mi Imperio (In My Empire) for the Sony International Records ’97” award, naming her “The Peoples Favorite Rap Singer”, by Artista magazine.

In 1998, Ivy Queen recorded her second album, for the Sony Label, titled Original Rude Girl which carried the following hit songs “Interlude in the Zone”, “Que Sabes Tu” (“What Do You Know?”) and “The King and the Queen”. It sold more than her first album and was highly acclaimed. Ivy’s third album Diva, was released in 2003. The songs were originally written by her and performed with the participation of various artists. Diva was so successful that an enhanced edition entitled Diva (Platinum Edition) was released in 2004. The update to the CD added several remixes of her most popular songs from the Diva album. Ivy Queen’s fourth album Real followed quickly and was also released in 2004. The album had guest artists such as Hector “El Father”, Mikey Perfecto, Fat Joe, and La India.
Ivy Queen fifth album was a compilation of her best work and added 4 previously unreleased songs. The album, called Flashback, was released in 2005. The Best of Ivy Queen was released in 2005 which also was a compilation of her best work. It is still unknown whether or not The Best of Ivy Queen was an official release. In March 2007, Ivy Queen released a new album titled Sentimiento. The album debuted at No. 4 on the Latin charts, making it her highest debut ever on the chart. The lead single of the album “Que Lloren” became a Top 10 hit, and the remix by Manny and Gil also became a top hit in many countries.

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