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Banda Arkangel R-15

The Folklore of Mexico is definitely true and defended from any influence. This group is a sign of the strength of the culture of the Central American country.

Speaking of the State of Nayarit is talking about one of the states of Mexico with more folk and distinctly regional representation. As for Banda Arkangel R-15’s music, delights us with the unmistakable sound of the band mainstream music that never goes out of fashion. In the village of this state, born of the most successful groupings obtained, “Banda Arkangel R-15”, all originating from Las Varas, Nayarit.

Why the name:
Arkangel R15 was born because the group consists mainly of young elements as “Archangel” and “R-15″ by the power of this weapon, because their music is considered very brave and ranchera” the people for the people.

The Facts:
In April 1992 Banda Arkangel R-15 recorded “La Quebradita” name of the theme has been promoted with considerable acceptance by the radio and the public. As a second cut of the album, entitled “Pago Al Contado” reached the top of the charts.

In December 1992, goes on sale the third album. Their audience identifies them as “Los Reyes de La Quebradita” and therefore, their third album is this same title. The featured songs include “Fue Tan Poco Tu Cariño,” “Al Mismo Nivel”, “Me Gustas Mucho,” and “Aviso del Cielo.” Their forth album was placed in the top of the popularity of radio stations in several U.S. and Mexico.

In May 1994, “14 Exitazos de Arkangel R-15” goes on sale with songs like “Fue Tan Poco Tu Cariño”, “La Quebradita”, “Baílame Quebradito”, “El Merecumbre”, “Pago al contado”, “Tu Desastre” and more.

In this record, another success was followed, which was modestly titled 12 Karat musical in 1996.

In 1999 the albums titles, “La que Me Hace LLorar”, “Esperando un Angel” and “20th Aniversary” went on sale in the United States.

Band Members:
José de Jesús Navarro: Bass and lead vocals
Juan Carlos Delgadilio: Second Voice
Hector Espinosa: Guitar
Antonio Aranda: Drums
Jose Valentin: Keyboards
Ortega-Hilario: Trumpet
Antonio Palomera: Trumpet
Jose Luis Lopez: Trumpet

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