Jose Alfredo Jimenez

Real Name :Jose Alfredo Jimenez SandovalNickname :El Rey de la Musica RancheraBorn :January 8, 1926Birth Place :Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, MexicoJosé Alfredo Jiménez was a Mexican singer-songwriter in the ranchera style.His songs are considered an integral part of the Mexican musical heritage and are comparable, for instance, to Woody Guthrie’s influence on American folk music.He had no musical training—according to the singer Miguel Aceves Mejía, Jiménez didn’t play an instrument and didn’t even know the Spanish terms for “waltz” and “key”. Nonetheless he composed more than 1000 songs. Among the most famous are “Ella”, “Paloma querida”, “Media vuelta”, “El Rey”, “Sin Sangre en las venas”, “El jinete”, “Si nos dejan”, “Amanecí en tus brazos”, “Llegando

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