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Banda MS

With more than five years of experience, Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarrage, has ceased to be a simple tambora project to become a whole group that has now gained an important place in the music scene.

Banda MS takes its name from the initials of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, born thanks to the dream of its founders, who merged ideas, talent and enthusiasm to create a different group.

This type of music is called “chicoteada”, a term used in Sinaloa that means playing music at a pace very quickly.

“Escuela de Rancho” was their first album, which came off the theme of “El Mechon,” which immediately was placed in the top of popularity. The success of their music has been undeniable, so that at present their strength has grown, and yet the band has released tracks on the radio with real good results.

Later, in a desire to demonstrate versatility and talent, Banda MS releases the album “Corridos Atrevida”, in which the group performs one of the genres masterfully most controversial regional Mexican music, in songs like “El M Grande”,” Chuy y Mauricio “,” La Raza Contenta “,” Alfredo Beltran “,” Esta de Parranda el Jefe “, to name just a few of the 12 tunes included. “El 24” is the single that was promoted in this album.

In late 2008, the Banda Sinaloense MS DE SERGIO LIZARRAGA released their album “Mi Mayor Ahnelo” of that release the single of the same name, a ballad by Alejandro Ojeda. Rancheras, cumbias, ballads and even a corrido, up this production, where four of the 13 topics covered include the authorship of his vocals Oswaldo Silva.

Cahuates pistachios, salt, lemon and chili … a temptation that can not be avoided! We refer to the simple of Banda MS who follow his line of musical joy, we had “Cahuates pistachios.”

This topic also gives its name to the next production, is a song that has made dance to those who have heard and placed among the favorites, has a very bright and peculiar point is chanted by the public as able to do it “El Mechon, “one of his biggest hits.

“CAHUATES PISTACHIOS” was produced by Fernando Camacho, who has given the band the strength to be one of the most influential groups of the moment, supported by the talented vocalist authorial Oswaldo Silva, who has seven new account themes of his inspiration.

“Cahuates pistachios” … want a bag?

After his success themes “Cahuates pistachios” and “El Mechon” Banda MS, is more than positioned in public taste, and that’s why the acceptance of their new album, has been a phenomenon.

This new product line launched in December brings the lively and witty style of the band has been characterized, but enriched with beautiful ballads that will put MS in the spotlight of the greatest exponents of the genre. “El Preparacion” is the title of the album, and “Sin Evidencia” is the first single and that unlike the two previous issues in promotion, this corresponds to a ballad, which demonstrate the versatility of the members of Banda MS

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