Cynthia Yolanda Cd Cover
Mexico Rancheras

Cynthia Yolanda

Real Name : Cynthia Yolanda Nickname : N/A Born : N/A Birth Place : N/A Cynthia Yolanda is a Mexican regional music singer who specializes in Ranchera type of music. Cynthia Yolanda has released two albums, one titled Uno and the other Pues Vete which was recently released. Pues Vete includes a few songs with […]

Alejandro Fernandez Looking Serious
Latin Pop Mariachi Mexico Rancheras

Alejandro Fernandez

Real Name : Alejandro Fernandez Abarca Nickname : El Potrillo Born : April 24, 1971 Birth Place : Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Alejandro Fernández (born April 24, 1971) is a popular Latin Grammy-winning Mexican singer nicknamed as “El Potrillo” (“The Little Colt”) by the media and his fans. Alejandro originally specialized in traditional, earthy forms of […]

Beatriz Adriana Singing
Mariachi Mexico Rancheras

Beatriz Adriana

Real Name : Beatriz Adriana Flores Nickname : La Diva Born : February 17, 1949 Birth Place : Sonora, Mexico Beatriz Adriana Flores was born in Sonora, México in 1949. She came to México City from Tijuana, Baja California in the early 1970’s as an attractive brunette Ranchera-Norteña singer and actress. Beatriz Adriana made more than […]

Portrait Of Jorge Negrete
Mariachi Mexico Rancheras

Jorge Negrete

Real Name : Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno Nickname : El Charro Cantor Born : November 30, 1911 Birth Place : Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno (November 30, 1911 – December 5, 1953) is considered one of the most popular Mexican singers and actors of all time. Negrete was born in Guanajuato where he […]