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Zona 7

Through their music, innovating arrangements, and profound lyrics written by several members of the band, the goal of Zona 7 is to reach and provoke a positive change in the life of teenagers. The lyrics of their songs provide an alternative to the “Glamorous” life style created and promoted in TV, movies and the media. They carry the messages “you can live a clean life, exiting and full” making an emphasis in how important a kids character and personalities are, and urging kids to stay away from superficialities.

For those who are constantly faced with the temptation of doing bad things (drugs, suicide, premature sex, violence), Zona 7 offers them through their lyrics a different option helping them to carry this hardship and giving them the opportunity for a new beginning.

Zona 7 was formed in October of 1,998. Their music has captivated their audience with strong rhythms and lyrics that offer a message of life. They have traveled extensively through out Europe, Latin America, and the US. They have also done shows in several high schools, private and public and in Discos, and Bars taking the message and promoting a clean lifestyle to this generation.

The band is made up by 5 members from different parts of Latin America: Tommy DiCesare, from Argentina (keyboard); Ramon “Moncho” Canizales from El Salvador (guitar); Raul “Rudy” Ramirez from Texas (drums); Luis Macias from Mexico (bass & rap) and Victor Cardenas from Mexico (Main Vocals).

Their first recording was released in January of 2,000, titled ¿Como Me Vez? (How do you see me?), under the label “Canzion Producciones”. Currently Zona 7 is working in their sophomore CD which will be released in the fall of 2,002. Recently Zona 7 collaborated in a production with the Spanish rock group Comision, titled “CZ7” under the Label “Vida Music”.

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