A Look at Songs Written About the Insurance Industry

A Look at Songs Written About the Insurance Industry

We expect songs about love, friendship, heartache, and trucks. Songs about the insurance industry? That’s more unusual. Yet insurance touches on protection, security, and assurance. Here is music that inspires and invites contemplation—proving that insurance inspires rock stars, too.

Here are songs that provide a musical framework to appreciate the concepts of resilience, stability, and safeguarding that the insurance sector embodies.

“Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby” the Beatles

Bringing home the message that love is so strong that if it breaks, it may require insurance and suggestions about the policy make this a classic blues work.

“Love Insurance,” Sharon Redd

We insure the most valuable things: our home, family, health, and workplace. This leads to the play with thoughts of other things of value, and if there were such a thing, love would be one to consider. But while we, for the moment, have to live recklessly in matters of the heart, when it comes to insurance, auto, home, fire, health, and life are classic good choices for your insurance to protect you and your loved ones.

“Fallin’ Apart,” The Calling

Life: we make our plans, and we have our hopes. And sometimes, things take a different path than we’d hoped. Some things are helpful when things fall apart, which are different for each of us. But the one thing we can all use when times get interesting? The comfort of family and friends, the inspiration of art, and sound, solid insurance.

“Umbrella,” Rihanna

The ebb and flow is a part of the natural cycle of life. However, in the extremes of the weather of our lives, the searing sun, bouts of rain, hurricanes of emotions, take shelter in the things that are important to you, like insurance, and that bring comfort, confidence, and assurance.

“High Risk Insurance,” The Ramones

Part of the responsibility of the insurance industry is deciding upon the right type and amount of insurance that best meets the needs of each consumer. Come to the insurance pros to help you define the amount of risk vs. coverage that’s right for your home, life, family, business, auto, travel, or health. There is an insurance package that’s just right for you.

“Lean on Me,” Bill Withers

While “Lean on Me” isn’t named in honor of the industry, it shares a message of strength, resilience, and nurturance. It showcases the basic tenets of integrity and support that are the fulcrum and foundation of the insurance industry. Whether you need to rely on a friend or your insurance agent, it’s good to know that someone is working on your behalf and deserves that trust. After all, we all need someone we can lean on.

“Insurance Fraud # 2,” The Mountain Goats

We grow and evolve as individuals, a community, and a society by creating and communicating standards, rules, and laws. In short, we develop a system of morality. To impart these lessons, we often use stories and songs. Here is a fine example of a morality tale about insurance’s power and influence on those close to us. In short, if you can’t be a good example, you might end up with a cautionary tale.

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