Molotov Band Members
Mexico Rock En Español


Alternative rock band formed in 1995 in Mexico City, currently composed of Tito Fuentes (guitar and vocals), Miky Huidobro (bass and vocals), Paco Ayala (bass and vocals) and Randy Ebright (drums and vocals). In 1996 Molotov touch bareto circuit in Mexico City and begin to create loyal fans.

In 1997 Molotov launched the band’s first album, “Dónde jugarán las niñas?” Generated considerable controversy for its lyrics and covers. Their songs are characterized by humor scourge, with criticism of the government (not just Mexico), politics as well as dealing with women and parties.

Among several awards, the album is nominated for a Grammy Award (International) in the first category of gender as “Best Interpretation of Latin Rock / Alternative” and achieved recognition as the “Double Platinum” in Spain, “Platinum” in Chile and United States; “Four gold record” in Mexico, “Gold” in Argentina and Colombia. In 1998 they made a tour with “Molomix” album of remixes of classic Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody” titled “Rap, Soda y Bohemia.”

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