Xtrabeats Shows Off his Multifaceted Talent with Mr Bernavil Musically


Your heart can be a drum box to the music of your life. Good music doesn’t have an expiration date. You will always remember good lyrics and you’ll feel the joy every time you hear them.

Xtrabeats, an American music producer is a talent. His career was filled with many memorable hits. As a young man, he showed passion for music. He began to make beats in 2012. Because of his mother, who was a minister and church family, he began to love music at an early age.

He was signed by Universal Studios as his first studio. This really inspired him to push the boundaries of engineering and producing. His passion for music and creative abilities led him to join the ranks of many famous artists.

Xtrabeats’ musical journey began when he was just nine years old. He began learning to play bass at home. He is now proficient on the keyboard, guitar, and drums, adding more to his musical knowledge.

His ability to collaborate well with many types and genres of musicians is quite remarkable.


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