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Mexico Work Visa: How to Legally Employ Foreigners


Are you planning on register a company in MexicoYou will have to go through a series of steps to allow you to hire non Mexican citizens. A Mexico work visa is required for anyone who plans to move to Mexico to manage a company or to hire foreigners.

A Biz Latin Hub map of Mexico and some key cities, the featured image for our Mexico work visa article.
Map of Mexico with some important cities

Note that anyone from, or who holds proof of residency or a valid business visa for, Canada, the European Union, Japan, the United Kingdom, or the United States — among other countries — does not require a visa to enter Mexico for business purposes for up to 180 days per year. 

Same applies for anyone with citizenship or permanent residence from a member. the Pacific Alliance — a ten-year-old economic integration initiativeThis includes Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Colombia.

This guide will help you to register your company in order to obtain a Mexico Work Visa and to apply for one.

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What to do to get a Mexican work visa for your business?

You must follow the following six steps to allow your Mexican agency to issue a Mexico Work Visa to Foreigners.

1. Register the financial address for your company 

To be eligible for a Mexico visa, your business must register its financial address and any branches. 

2. Get an Employer Certificate

Next, you will need to apply for an Employer Certificate. This certificate is issued by Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM). The following documents will be required by the INM

  • You must show proof of your enrollment in Federal Taxpayer Registration
  • You must provide proof that you have filed your latest tax return
  • A list of all the planned employees with their nationalities
  • Request for Employer Certificate Form must be completed and signed

In the unlikely event that your application is made by a legal representative in MexicoYou will need documentation to prove that they are authorized to act in your place.

A process for reviewing and approving an Employer Certificate usually takes two to four weeks. Also, the certificate must be renewed on an anual basis.

3. Apply for an employee’s Mexico work visa

You will have the ability to apply for Mexico employment visa for your employees once you receive an Employer Certificate. In order to do so, the following documentation will need to be provided to the INM in support of each employee’s application:

  • The entity’s valid Employer Certificate
  • A document identifying you to be used by any legal representative on your behalf
  • Copy of passport page identification of foreign worker
  • You have to show proof of your job offer
  • The legal representative must sign the completed request form. 

Once everything has been received, the INM will issue an authorization document.

4. At a consulate in your area, apply for a temporary work visa

The Mexican consulate in Atlanta, Georgia, featured image for Mexico work visa article
Atlanta, Georgia: The Mexican consulate

Your employee must present the authorization document to obtain a provisional visa. These documents are required by your employee:

  • A provisional visa application form
  • An original copy of the INM authorization
  • Your passport
  • Recent headshot photos with white backgrounds, in which the subjects aren’t wearing glasses.

As support for the application, $40 is required (all figures are in USD).

After the provisional Mexico Work Visa is issued, an employee can travel to Mexico in order to apply for the visa.

5. Issue the Mexico work visa

After obtaining a provisional visa and traveling to Mexico, the employee must visit an immigration office in order to obtain a Mexico work visa. These documents will need to be presented:

  • The applicant’s passport 
  • Copy of passport identification page
  • An original copy of your passport visa stamp
  • Completed Multiple Migration Form (original and copy).
  • The completed Mexico work visa application forms
  • Documentation of payment

This application may also be subject to a fee that could vary.

6. Go to the Immigration Office

The visa will not be issued until the employee has received it. After that, the employee needs to go to the immigration office to have their fingerprints taken. They will also need to give personal information. The following documents will be required to prove their identity:

  • Your passport
  • The INM issues a document confirming the issue of the work visa.
  • Three headshot photos with white backgrounds, in which the subjects aren’t wearing glasses.

Once all of this is completed, applicants will need to wait until final approval of the Mexico work visa. After that, they’ll have to return to the immigration offices where it will then be issued.

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