The Source |Behind The Boards of Kanye West’s ‘Hurricane’


Although the road to “Hurricane” was one less traveled, Sam Barsh enjoyed the journey.

Long before Kanye West decided to post up at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta to finish his latest album DONDA, he previewed a track that presumed to be the lead single for Yandhi – a scrapped album. This was in 2018 when the track was titled, “80 degrees.”

This track was based on a three-hour jam session held at Archwood Music Studios with DJ Khalil and Josh Mease.

Barsh claims that even though it took 3+ years to make it available, it was well worth the wait.

During Ye’s first DONDA listening session in Atlanta, he was told by a friend that “Hurricane” was one of the tracks that were played.

“A friend of mine comes to me and says ‘yo I heard your joint on the Kanye live stream and it sounded dope,’” Barsh explains.

As DONDA’sBarsh said that release was closer and anxiety rose in tandem.

“With these things, you just never know until the actual release and it’s uploaded on DSPs,” said the Grammy-nominated producer. “And it’s Kanye West at that.”

The Illinois native says he’s been able to connect with a number of DONDAHe didn’t know any of the collaborators before the release.

“I’ve been a full-time musician for the past 20 years,” he says. “In the songwriting and production side of things, it took me a while to do stuff of quality. I knew my stuff was trash when I started.”

He continued saying “a lot has to go your way” for something of this magnitude to occur.

“I feel like a perfect storm of things collided in order for the record as a whole to happen.”

Barsh performed and worked with many legendary musicians, including Stevie Wonder and Babyface.

“Hurricane” features Lil Baby and The Weeknd. Ye tweeted in 2020 that he wanted to collaborate with Quality Control Music. He even called Baby his “favorite rapper.”

The Weeknd stated his desire to collaborate with Yeezy in an interview with GQ. Ye uploaded his call log which contained calls from and to The Weeknd within minutes. Soon after, the After-hoursDONDA’s featured artist was the crooner.


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