The Source |Experience Your Best Moments Again with Lauren Blake’s New Single “Relieve”


Lauren Blake’s new single “Relieve” is out now. This song will instantly bring life to any party. It has been a standard at parties across the nation. Lauren’s fame has risen as a result of the song.

Lauren started as an Instagram model and influencer. While she has a number of successful businesses now, Lauren also showcases her music skills. Her ability to blend rhythms and melodies together into beautiful music is something she’s proud of. It is this ability that has made her music so beloved by many.

“Relieve” lifts the mood of the crowd. You can take any situation to the next step. The song will be a hit no matter where or what event it was. It takes a lot to be able create a song of this quality. Lauren needs to release more of these songs in the future.

You can listen to Lauren’s work below.


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