Mrchino Nd Midget Loco
Chicano Rap

Mr. Midget Loco

Real Name : Unknown
Nickname : N/A
Born : N/A
Birth Place : Boyle Heights, California, United States

When Chicano Rap is at its best, the music is embraced by many. For Midget Loco, music is a lifestyle that can translate emotions and obstacles that he has lived through and overcame throughout his life.

While raised by his mother, Midget was also influenced by oldies. The music transitioned from oldies at an early age, to listening to his own preference, and Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight” became an instant favorite in the household.

From being raised in the city of Boyle Heights, California, a highly populated gang area, Midget Loco was raised by the hip hop culture. From break dancing, graffiti, beat boxing, and rapping. Soon after, artists such as Eazy E, NWA, and Ice-T became a fixture on Midget Loco’s boombox.

Since an early memory, dreams were made at a young age of becoming a rap star. Witnessing poverty, gang life, and drug dealers, Midget Loco had many different topics that he could translate into rhyme. In 2004, dreams started turning into reality.

Midget Loco met a well known rap artist named “Chino Grande”. Both Midget Loco and Chino Grande were raised with similar circumstances. While both complimented each others lyrical abilities, the sound became distinct while working together on a Charlie Row Campo project.

Soon, Charlie Row Campo created a buzz not only in the streets, but in the music industry as well. Through producers “Kast N Fame” Charlie Row Campo signed to Independent Record Label “Urban Kings Music Group”.

Since signing to Urban Kings, Midget Loco was featured on several Charlie Row Campo projects, and worked with artists such as Fingazz, Ms Krazie, Stomper, Cuete Yeska, Slush Tha Villian, and Spanky Loco. Midget Loco was soon becoming a recognizable figure, not only through music but through film and television. With cameos in Bruno Mars music video “Grenade” (which was nominated for multiple music video awards), to Independent Films and Television Commercials.

The first solo album released by Midget Loco was “Bloodline Flatline” in 2008. It was distributed Nationwide and International. The Bloodline Flatline album was a very highly anticipated album, the features were outstanding and fans were ecstatic with the result.

While working on many different projects, Midget Loco opted to form his own imprint, cleverly titled “Steel Bangin Musick” while still under the Urban Kings Music Group. The second solo release was in 2011, a mixtape entitled “First Loco At The Street”, which showed his lyrical ability, wordplay and showcases different emotions which gives the feelings for each track he is portraying.

Midget Loco followed the Mixtape release with his second solo album entitled “Dedicated To The OG’s”. With the heavy anticipation of the “Dedicated To The OG’s” album for over 2 years, fans and critics alike hailed the project as one of the best in 2011 and an instant classic.

A complete album from first track to last, Midget Loco has grown into a premier artist and is already hard at work on his next album, which is scheduled to release in 2012 though the Urban Kings Music Group.

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