Ska P Band Members
Rock En Español


After several months of rehearsals Ska-P recorded what is their first cd. called ska-p, where the ways and pointed lyrics and music, a few years later would make them very popular, but there is still time for that, playing in many places(Galicia, Almeria, Madrid , etc. ..) then it was known just as many shows were for small amounts of people and almost ignored at the time.

But his song begins to emerge (in Madrid) was a song of support for Rayo Vallecano, a Vallekas, neighborhood that feel very close, (but only some of its members live in it) mainly because the band always moves along the streets and tested it, this song for many end up being a song and you start to hear a lot in almost all bars in the neighborhood is slowly spreading to other dens of the city, and more and more people be aware that there is a group called ska-p with some very good points that speak against bullfighting, anti-military, political corruption, racist etc.

Pulpul – lead vocals and guitar
Toni Escobar – guitar and vocals
July – bass
Kogote – keyboards and vocals
Pako – drums

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