Los Acosta Back In The Days
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Los Acosta

The year is 1988 and the San Sebastian neighborhood of the city of San Luis Potosi begins one of the most musical stories that has left a deep impression in the collective imagination of Mexico. The Acosta group was born .

Los Acosta brothers: Ricardo, Carlos, Ernesto and Sergio, as well as their friends and Hector Ojeda Carlos Soler unified criteria and started together since a road whose end is still seems distant.

This road started on the right foot as with “Igual Que Yo” (1988), their first production, reaching  Gold Disc status.

The band have said about this record: “A wrong approach on the part of that record company prevented the best development of this disc. But successfully rescued and made ourselves a number of issues and include them in a later work ”

Los Acosta – Igual Que Yo


Los Acosta – Como una Novela


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