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The Banda Guasaveña is best known for their performances with “El Gallo de Oro” Valentin Elizalde.

Valentine beginning preparations to record his first album and was recognized in the states of Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua and Jalisco. It is important to note here that Valentin Elizalde was not only a singer but composer of many songs and many styles within the tradition music.

Note also that the musical tradition that encompasses and gives shape to the compositions to Valentine is the Banda Sinaloa, is deeply rooted tradition and long history and development.

Elizalde ascribed to only play within banda music is to generalize too much, because in Mexico there are many traditions and musical styles, distinct and different from one another, in what would be the music # brass bands (Sinaloa, Oaxaca, Michoacan, Guerrero , Morelos, Baja California (Tijuana), Yucatán, to name a few) and this without taking the variability within the same region, because of cultural factors in general and ethnic and geographic specific.

Each tradition has years of direct development. Their successes are: Como me duele, Vete ya, La mas Deseada, Y se parece a ti, Nada, Ebrio de amor, El Venadito, Te quiero así, Soy así, Volvere a amar, La Papa, Corazon de Oro, Vencedor .

Banda Guasaveña recorded all those hits with Valentin Elizalde while he was still alive. Now Banda Guasaveña takes their show on the road without their great star “El Gallo de Oro”

PARA MORIR NACI ‘ – Banda Guasaveña


Come Me Duele – Banda Guasaveña

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