El Papasito De Larry Hernandez
Corridos Norteñas

Larry Hernandez

Real Name : Larry Hernandez
Nickname : El Amigo de Todos
Born : July 11, 1979
Birth Place : Los Angeles, California, United States

Larry Hernandez, born in the city of Los Angeles, California, at 4 years age his parents took him to Culiacan, Sinaloa where he lived during much part of his youth. His musical influence comes from family, his grandfather is a musician and several cousins as well as relatives are known artists.

Larry Hernandez – Arrastrando Las Patas Video Oficiel

“I never went to music school, I thank my God for giving me this talent. It is more beautiful when you bring the music heritage blood, it’s the honest truth, this album has it all ”

His beginnings as a musician were in school in Culiacan, a group with who represented the state of Sinaloa. Larry started writing songs from the “nose” as he says. Remember: “For eight years, I taught my corridos, my cousins and uncles who are musicians which gave me tips. Which is when I noticed changes here and there.”

In addition to composing songs and corridos, the talented singer-songwriter also plays the accordion and drums.

The first professional group with whom he worked with, were Los Amables del Norte whom he learned how to appear on stage. “There is nothing easy about standing on stage, grabbing a mic and sing in front of three thousand people ‘.

One of his uncles is El Potro de Sinaloa.

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