Jorge Santa Cruz Posing For Cd Cover
Corridos Mexico

Jorge Santa Cruz

Real Name : Jorge Santa Cruz
Nickname : N/A
Born : February 17, 1982
Birth Place : Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico

The new musical movement known as Enfermedad Masiva (Massive Sickness) unleashes its newest exponent – Jorge Santa Cruz, who’s giving music-lovers plenty to talk about as he records irresistible songs in the genre known as “visionary corridos.”

Musically, Jorge Santa Cruz fuses norteño and banda into a style called “norteño tuba” and uses insinuating minor-key chords, an innovation that sets him apart from traditional corrido artists.

La Supremacia (The Supremacy) is the title of this supremely talented newcomer’s latest
album. “Supremacy” has been defined as: “the highest rank of any hierarchy.”

Jorge Santa Cruz represents this concept very well. He has conceived of a style that’s vaulted him to regional fame and is ready to captívate millions. When you listen for yourself, his La Supremacia becomes evident, in every extension of the word.

Among the songs included on La Supremacia are: “Dicen de Manuel” (They Say About Manuel)
, “Supremacia Guzman,” “Ella Es Mi Jujer” (She Is My Woman), “La Cara de un Angel” (The
Face of an Angel), “Huelo Mi Sangre” (I Smell my Blood) and “Mexicano Desmadroso” (Wild
Mexican), among many others. The first single is titled “Scarface Renacido” (Scarface Reborn), which was written by Jorge Santa Cruz’s composer-in-chief, Giovanni Cabrera. “Scarface Renacido” has already become a social-media phenomenon and is poised to break out as the next iconic hit of the Enfermedad Masiva movement.

Born in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, México, under the sign of Leo, JORGE SANTA CRUZ began his professional career by recording several demos. Little by little, he began to give more structure to his home recordings. Finally, he realized he should dedicate himself professionally to music.

Jorge Santa Cruz has started his recording career on the right foot. So far, he’s achieved prominence with singles such as the lovely ballad “Mas Que Una Diosa” (More Than a Goddess), and “Gerencia MZ” (MZ Management) and “Secuestro Express” (Express Kidnapping), controversial songs that relate stories and news of societal problems. These songs have already caught the attention of corrido aficionados and tastemakers.

We invite you to discover Jorge Santa Cruz and his new album La Supremacia. A supreme offering of “progressive corridos,” “visionary corridos,” and more than anything, “Enfermedad Masiva”!

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