Chalino With His Gun In Hand
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Real Name : Rosalino Sanchez Felix
Nickname : El Pelavacas
Born : August 30, 1960
Birth Place : Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Mexico

Rosalino Felix Sanchez better known by his stage name as “Chalino” Sanchez was born on the 30th August in 1960. Chalino was raised in a poor family in the small town of Sinaloa, Mexico called Rancho Las Flechas (he was born in El Guayabo). His father was Santos Sanchez and his mother Cenorina Felix.

Chalino had seven brothers, Armando, Lucas, Juanita, Raul, Lazaro, Espiridion and Francisco. Chalino experiment tragedies and poverty at the age of 6, when his father died, his family was left in great turmoil due to his widowed mother having to raise 8 children all by herself. When Chalino’s sister Juana was raped by a local mobster who lived nearby, prompting Chalino angrily to act in the incident. Chalino killed the man who raped his sister and fled to Tijuana, Mexico.

Chalino lived in Tijuana after fleeing from Sinaloa and lived with his brother Armando where together they worked as human smugglers (Polleros). There in Tijuana Chalino’s life change forever when Armando was killed and Chalino end up in prison. While there surrounded by people with stories like his, he had no idea what to do. Full of pain and anger Chalino wrote a corrido in memory of his brother Armando.

In 1977, Chalino illegally immigrated to the United States, where he arrived with the help of a smuggler (human trafficker) across the border in Tijuana. On his arrival he began working in the fields of Coachella and benefited from work entrusted to him.

While concentrating on ordinary business, Chalino Sanchez start a relationship with a woman who was presented to him by sister Juana, this woman was Marisela Felix Vallejos, a native of Mexicali BC, who later would give birth to two of his sons, Adan Sanchez and Sintia Vallejos Sanchez.

One day while working, Chalino was introduced to a man by the name of Angel Parra, who was interested in his musical talent after a short performance. Angel Parra held a meeting in his studio entitled, “Estudios de Angel”, and began recording their first demo on cassette with a northern group called Los 4 de la Frontera.

Chalino recorded various tracks consecutive in the studio such as; Armando Sanchez (Song tribute to his murdered brother), El Sapo, Beto Lopez, and El Sinaloense. Ironically, the first thought of Angel Parra was that Chalino’s voice was “inappropriate” for Norteño music. Due to this many fans of Mexican music didn’t like his music at first. After the first album recorded by Chalino, his popularity began to grow in the Mexican-American community due to air play on a couple of radio stations.

During this time Chalino created his own record label titled “Doble R” (double R -Rosalino Records). With “Doble R” he put out several underground tracks, videos and calendars. The first was “Mas Exitos con Chalino Sanchez,” which was produced with 10 selected tracks that he recorded earlier.

This also included “Canta Corridos Al Estilo Culiacán” y “Dos Cruces Negras”. Right there after Chalino was eager to record with the band of Sr. Bernabe Martínez “Banda Sinaloense”. He recorded several tracks including “Los Guamuchileños. Chalino managed to record 4 cassettes under the seal “Double R” entitled, “Bandido Generoso,” “A Todo Sinaloa,” “Y Sigue La Balacera” and “Homenaje al Pollero. ”

In 1989, Chalino was recognized throughout Southern California and requests started piling up for him to sing at different venues and would receive various ways of payments including cash, clothing, vehicles and weapons.

His real fame began on January 24, 1992 after a presentation at the salon in Coachella California Los Arcos. At 11:00 in the evening while singing a man approached him and asked Chalino to sign him a corrido, Chalino I reply, “Ahorita se la canto despues de esta compa, no se me aguite.” As he began to sing, man with a gun in hand aimed at Chalino and rang 2 shot that almost struck Chalino.

Chalino jump out of the stage and drew his gun a 10mm gunfire. When all chaos ended 1 person Rene Carranza laid dead and 11 wounded including Chalino’s accordionist Nacho Hernandez who was shot in the leg. The man identified as Eduardo Gallegos that caused the mayhem received a shot in the mouth and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Chalino performed in various places including Los Angeles, California, towns and places like El Parral Nightclub, El Farallon, Keystone Ford and Noches de Taconazo. At the time Chalino sang with various groups and band, finally settling with Los 4 de la Frontera after numerous years of not performing with them and producing some of his best songs. Chalino also signed with several record labels such as Linda Discs, Cintas Acuarios, RR (Doble R), Balboa Records and Musart.

On May 15, 1992, Chalino was offered a big contract to perform in a town called La Presita near Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. While he was performing on stage, Chalino received a death threat note. After his performance, Chalino informed his manager and staff about the threat and told him to isolate himself in a house nearby for the night.

On May 16, 1992, Chalino was transported in a Chevy Suburban through the streets of Culiacan. After about 20 minutes, the suburban was driving near an isolated place, where the PFP without scoring a Federal police vehicle intercepted and forced the Suburban to the side. At approximately 12:30 am, Chalino’s body was found lifeless on the side of a road with several gunshot wounds to the back of the head. The next day, newspapers publish in Sinaloa, “Chalino Sanchez, Kidnapped and Executed.”

Chalino Sanchez was buried in “El Panteon Los Vacitos” in the small town of Las Tapias, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Chalino recorded live and / or at studios with the following bands – Los Amables del Norte, Los Guamuchileños, Banda la Costeña, Banda Culiacan, Banda Flor del Campo and Los 4 de la Frontera. All other albums on the market, with other musicians, are only audio tributes and montages.

Chalino Sanchez has more than 200 corridos sang about him and is considered the most imitated singer in our time. He was a man who was not afraid to be different from others, was always 100% original and is considered the king of Corridos.

El Sinaloense – Chalino Sanchez

La Loba Del Mal – Chalino Sanchez

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