El Compa Chuy
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El Compa Chuy

Real Name : Jesus Alfredo Rodriguez Hernandez Nickname : N/A Born : February 17, 1977 Birth Place : Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico El Compa Chuy is the stage name of Jesús Alfredo Rodríguez Hernández, a recording artist from Culiacán, the capital city of Mexico’s Sinaloa state. Rodríguez has become a regional sensation singing corridos

Colmillo Norteno Band Members
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Colmillo Norteno

Colmillo Norteño is composed by Jacinto Osuna on drums, Roberto Ramos in guitar and vocals, Rodolfo Muñoz on accordion and Abel Buelna in first voice and tuba. Colmillo Norteño categorizes their music suck as banda and norteño in which they have a couple of songs titled, “Quiero Charlar con la Muerta, “El Commander”,”El Diablo”, “Escolta […]