Andres De Leon Looking Into The Camera
Chile Latin Pop

Andres de Leon

Real Name : Andres de Leon
Nickname : N/A
Born : October 6, 1980
Birth Place : Santiago, Chile

Andres de Leon was born on 6th of October in Santiago, Chile. His stage debut was in the Sabado Gitante program in 1980. That same year he was chosen as the best child super star by the critics. In 1986, he won first place in the “Estrellas del Futuro” Channel 13.

His first recording contract was with BMG (1993) and was invited to Miami to participate in the program “Sabado Gigante International. “Mi loco amor de verano” single from his self-titled debut album was a national hit, so far, is one of the most rotated on radio stations across the country.

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