Valentin Elizalde

Real Name :Valentin Elizalde ValenciaNickname :El Gallo de OroBorn :February 1, 1979Birth Place :Jitonhueca, Sonora, MexicoValentin Elizalde was a Mexican singer who was born on February 1st 1979 in Jitohnueca, Sonora, Mexico and given the nickname “El Gallo de Oro” by his father Lalo “El Gallo” Elizalde.Valentin Elizalde and his family moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco right after he was born, and later to Guasave, Sinaloa where he lived for some years with his father, Lalo Elizalde and brothers. His father Lalo “El Gallo” Elizalde was killed in a traffic accident on “La Curva de la Muerta” in Villa Juarez, Sonora. His mother is Camila Valencia. Valentin has two brothers and a sister, Jesus Elizalde Valencia, Francisco Elizalde Valenci

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