4 Inspiring Songs That Focus on Adoption

4 Inspiring Songs That Focus on Adoption

Adoption is a selfless and even beautiful act that brings families together. Music has the power to both uplift and inspire, and several songs actually have an adoption-related theme. Here are a few of them.

  1. “Amos Story” by Aaron Ivey

“Amos Story” is a Christian music song that first appeared on the 2009 album titled Between the Beauty & Chaos. It was written by Aaron Ivey. Ivey is a songwriter, artist, and worship pastor at The Austin Stone Community Church located in Austin, Texas.

Two of the three children Ivey and his wife adopted are from Haiti. Ivey composed the song while they were waiting for the adoption proceedings to be concluded so they could bring their new son Amos home. It’s clear from the song’s lyrics that adoptive parents care deeply about their children.

  1. “Naleigh Moon” by Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley, an American actor, singer-songwriter, and musician, composed this song as a touching tuneful tribute to Naleigh Moon, his adopted daughter. Kelley and his wife adopted her from South Korea.

The song was first released on Kelley’s first country album Georgia Clay in 2011. The lyrics, “Halfway around my little world / You had no idea that you were my girl / You found my arms not a moment too soon / I couldn’t see past me ’til I saw you,” provide ample evidence of just how much adoptive parents actually love their children.

  1. “So Far to Find You” by Casting Crowns

This is a Christian music song by the American contemporary Christian and Christian rock band Casting Crowns. The song was originally released on the 2011 album, Come to the Well. It was co-written by American singer-songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman and the band’s lead vocalist Mark Hall and focuses on Hall and his spouse’s adoption of their Chinese daughter, Meeka Hope.

Hall says the song speaks “toward Meeka…but the parallels of God reaching out to bring us home to him are evident throughout the song.” The lyrics are a touching tribute to the love adoptive parents have for their adopted children.

  1. “When Love Takes You In” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Written and first recorded by American contemporary Christian music singer, songwriter, and record producer, Steven Curtis Chapman. It originally appeared on his 2003 album, All About Love. While the song is reportedly about God’s love and the good changes it can make, it’s frequently interpreted as a song about adoption.

A lovely reminder of the love that adoptive parents have for their adopted children is found in the song’s lyrics, “And somewhere while you’re sleeping / Someone else is dreaming too / Counting down the days until / They hold you close and say I love you.” Many people interpret this to be about adoption and attribute the theory to Chapman and his wife adopting three girls from China.

These adoption-related anthems are but four examples of how songs can actually inspire people and leave a genuine emotional impact. These tracks will definitely uplift and inspire you whether you’re an adoptive parent or just appreciate good music. One of the most powerful ways that music can impact our lives is by evoking strong emotions within us.

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