Summer Walker Reveals New Album is Titled ‘Still Over It’


Summer Walker released her new album last week. Fans now know that it’s a sequel to her classic debut. It is all about itTitle Still Over It. Summer Walker took the pink setting from her album cover and dialed J.T. Summer Walker brought back the pink setting from her album cover and dialed up J.T.

Summer Walker Still Over It Trailer 0 30 screenshot

Fans online highlight JT will be featured on the album’s forthcoming single “Ex For A Reason.”

Last week, the LVRN star released a video revealing that she couldn’t go to the BET Hip-Hop Awards, but her album is on the way.

“I was super excited to go to the BET Hip Hop Awards today, but they wouldn’t let me in due to COVID restrictions. I had such a pretty dress and everything, but it’s fine,” Walker said. “BET love me, I still love BET. I was gonna talk about some stuff on the red carpet, so I decided to pull up anyway and let you guys know some things.”

Walker would then show a projection of a building that revealed her new album will arrive in November. Walker teased that there would be more news tomorrow.


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