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Zoe is a Mexican alternative/psychedelic band. They initially formed in Mexico City in 1994, although membership started to stabilize in 1997. The band has achieved success in Mexico and most Spanish-speaking countries with albums such as Rocanlover, Memo Rex Commander y el Corazón Atómico de la Vía Láctea and Reptilectric.

Zoé’s history begins in Mexico in 1994, just as one of the decade’s most important music styles was appearing in the United Kingdom: Britpop.

Mainly inspired by this movement[citation needed], with slight influences from Seattle’s grunge, Zoé would go through a period of changing lineups and varying styles before stabilizing in 1997, with León Larregui (guitar and voice), Sergio Acosta (guitar), Alberto Cabrera (drums), Ángel Mosqueda (bass), and Jesus Báez (keyboards).

By this time, a clear influence from The Beatles can be seen alongside the mentioned Britpop and grunge stylings and with certain resemblances to The Stone Roses and The Charlatans.

Facing a lack of spaces to showcase their music, Zoé relied upon self-organized concerts, the Internet, and a self-published demo. All of these efforts, plus a good deal of positive word of mouth, helped them gain popularity in Spanish-language radio stations in the United States.

They signed their first recording contract in 1998, but nothing came of it—and once again, they decided to rely on themselves. They independently released a debut album in 2000 that attracted the attention of Sony Music, who in turn took over distribution of the album. Some of the most popular songs from this recording were “Asteroide” and “Miel.” Following the success of this album, some of their songs were included in the soundtracks of movies like Amar Te Duele, Ladies Night, and The Dreamer.

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