Anabantha is a Gothic metal band from Mexico, founded in 1997. In 2005, they recorded their album “Without Saying Goodbye”. In 2006, they signed with Mexican Label Discos y Cintas Denver.The band began in 1997 with Duan Marie on vocals and Vlad Landeros on keyboards, performing under the name Sentido Pésame. In 1998, the band changed its name to Transdellic (Trans = beyond; Dellos = visible), and added Jimmy Gallozo on drums). After recording several demos, the band hired Vlad Landeros as their new drummer, and recorded Letanías Chapter I. In 2002, the band line-up was Duan and Vlad, who released Without Saying Goodbye. In 2003 they recorded the demo Letanías Chapter II. In 2004 they recorded their demo disc Acoustic, which included tributes to the poets Pablo Neruda and Lovecraft.In 2005, the band recor

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