Frank V Proper Dos
Chicano Rap

Frank V

Real Name : Frank Villareal
Nickname : N/A
Born : N/A
Birth Place : N/A

Known by many as “the hardest latin rap artist”.Im the writer and rapper from the group proper dos.We dropped our first single “mexican power” and “one summer night” in 1991.We were signed to “skanless”records in 1992.

Frank says: “We dropped the album mexican power wich contained the hit “firme hina” .That may be the song were most remembered for.We dropped another album in 1995 called “were at it again”..Then we dropped “heat” in 1998.I signed with low profile records in 1999 and dropped the album “over dose ” that same year.

While on low pro i worked on projects with lil rob and mr.Sancho.After a few years there i bounced and did projects with southland records.

I’ve done lots of guest appearances on many albums. I also worked for art laboe on koko94 fresno where i had my own morning show..I eventually dropped an album entitled “ol skool wayz” on my own independent label “mainline records” in 2005. I take pride in being one of the originators of chicano gangster rap.I will continue to put it down..thanks for the support”

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