Yolanda Del Rio Striking A Pose
Mariachi Mexico Rancheras

Yolanda del Rio

Real Name : Yolanda Jaen Lopez
Nickname : La Gran Senora De Mexico
Born : May 27, 1955
Birth Place : Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico

Yolanda Lopez Jaen, better known as Yolanda Adams, was born in the city of Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico on May 27th, 1955. From the age of five, “La Llanerita Hidalguense” as they called then, began to dream of one day being a famous artist. Began intervening in festivals organized by the Governor of the state.

Later, speaking on television programs in Mexico City as it was the game show “Estrellas Infantiles” which she won first place. After passing to other programs which also had very good results. Later continued her studies, but always with the desire to succeed singing. Yolanda del Rio began her music career with such good fortune that her first single entitled “La Hija de Nadie” opened the doors to the world so hard to sing, but won the affection and acceptance of many people.

Such was the success of her first single in just 6 months after which it exceeded over one million copies. The single was was growing in popularity and soon Yolanda del Rio was heard in other countries which took her to an endless number of presentations by the United States, Europe, and Central and South America.


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