The Source |Jacksonville Artist Maine SFSG Releases “The Guys” Music Video


Maine SFSG from Jacksonville is a lyricist. His label So Fly So Gone Music Group was founded in the early 2000’s by him and his close family and friends. Maine always knew he wanted to create music, but it wasn’t until the pivotal age of 12 that he actually placed his talent and vocals on wax. 

Early on he made his way around the local communities doing events and hosting house parties in the Jacksonville area better known as Duval County. Maine So Fly So Gone was just 19 when he started his studio. Precision Studio was founded in that year and has been a well-known studio for both local and visiting artists.

In his recent music video “The Guys”, it shows Maine and his comrades having a good time with a few models at a studio shoot. Giving vibes of the old school 90’s era. 


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