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Legal Services in Chile: Find a Good Corporate Legal Firm


A good company legal firm will be able to help you in Chile if your business is in Chile.

Santiago, the capital of Chile, where you may need a corporate legal firm to provide legal services
Santiago, Chile’s capital

Chilean corporate lawyers will know the regulatory environment well and have extensive experience with working with investors. They will ensure your compliance as well complete any administrative procedures in the fastest time.

It depends on what level of assistance you are looking for, but you might want to find legal services Chilean from someone who offers more professional services so you have everything covered in one contract. 

This provider can offer services such as accounting, taxation, visa processing and payroll outsourcing.  If the provider is able to offer professional employer organisation (PEO), you might be able avoid having to register a local entity.

Hire via an agency like a PEO in Chile, those employees are officially contracted by the provider’s local entity, while you retain full control over their workloads and schedules. For those who are only looking to hire one or two people, this is a great option.

Your Chilean legal representative will provide more traditional support for company formations and operations. They can also help you to make connections with the local business community.

For more details on why Chile is a good investment opportunity, and how Chilean legal firms can assist investors, please read on. You will also find advice on finding the right legal service provider in Chile.

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Chile is a great choice for investors

Chile is home to the sixth largest Latin American population and the fifth-largest economic sector by gross domestic product (GDP). registered at $252.9 billion in 2020(All figures shown in USD). 

This was due to the turmoil caused by COVID-19, which led to a significant decline in GDP. However, the World Bank has predicted that GDP will growAn impressive 10.6% for 2021

The dip in GDP was accompanied by a decrease in gross national in income (GNI), but this key indicator of general prosperity was not affected. registered at $13,470 per capita in 2020Chile is a nation with high income by international standards. established by the World Bank

Chile is well-known for its promotion of global trade liberalization and maintains an extensive portfolio of trade agreements with important economies across the globe.

This is also the founding member. Pacific Alliance — a ten-year-old economic integration initiativeThat includes Peru and Mexico. accepted Singapore as an associate memberAs a symbol of its desire to expand outside the region,

Chile’s mining industry is well-known. It has large reserves of precious metals and copper. The country also exports significant amounts of fruits, vegetables and seafood. 

A Chilean law firm with experience in assisting investors will be able to assist you if your business is in any of these areas.

For highly-specialized activities, like mining and hydrocarbon extraction you will need to hire Chilean legal professionals who are familiar with the legislation.

A snapshot of the market in Chile, where you may need a corporate legal firm to provide legal services
Here’s a snapshot of Chile’s market

What your Chilean legal company can do to assist you

The following are areas where your Chilean legal representative can assist you:

Intellectual property: The history of your provider of Chilean legal services will show that they have helped clients to protect intellectual property. No matter if you need to defend a product or brand from counterfeiters, the right legal firm is able to help. trademark registration in ChileYou must do it quickly to retain your competitive advantage.

Risk management:Chile law firms can ensure that your compliance with local regulations is maintained. You will therefore be able to work safely knowing you won’t face any legal hassles or financial penalties, and that your standing will remain good in the eyes the local authorities.

Make valuable connectionsThe networks that your legal service provider has in Chile will be well-established and can prove to be very valuable for you.

Key decision: Chilean legal firms can draw on their experience and offer valuable advice to help you make key decisions such as what type of entity should be established or with which partners, providers and local providers to collaborate.

What is the best way to find a reliable provider of legal services for Chile?

It is important to keep these things in mind when looking for a Chilean provider of legal services:  

The ability to speak a variety of languagesAlthough your company’s legal team will be required to translate all legal documents into Spanish, they should also communicate well with you. If you don’t speak Spanish they must be fluent in English or another language.

Expert knowledge Certain sectors will be governed by specialist legal areas — be that mining, international commerce, real estate, or any other — and you will need to secure legal services in Chile from a provider with a track record of managing that legislation.

Satisfaction of clients You can find feedback online from former clients about the Chilean law firm. Although you should be cautious about competitors posting negative reviews online, it is possible to get an overall impression of client satisfaction which can help you make a decision.

Online:You will need to find a Chilean provider of legal services if you plan to work remotely or if you have a business that is based in Chile.

Biz Latin Hub provides legal services to Chile

Biz Latin Hub assists investors in Chile with legal services as part of our comprehensive range of corporate support solutions. company formation, accounting & taxation, hiring & PEOVisa Processing

Our teams are present in 16 Latin American and Caribbean markets, with trusted partners who expand our reach to nearly every corner of the area. We specialize in market entry in multiple/jurisdictional jurisdictions.

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Key services offered by BLH including legal services, accounting & taxation, hiring & PEO, due diligence, tax advisory, and visa processing
Biz Latin Hub provides key services


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