Ike Rhein Drops His Latest Track “Just Like You”


An esteemed artist from Michigan shows off his range through the new single “Just Like You.”

Rhein recently released his latest song “Just Like You” across all platforms. Rhein wanted to offer something unique and meaningful to his worldwide fans. Rhein wanted his fans to see that no one can be perfect and that mistakes can all be made in a relationship. This song is catchy and focuses primarily on acoustics, and showcases Rhein’s skill set as an artist.

“‘Just Like You’ is about how sometimes people only focus on nitpicking the little things that their significant other does that make them upset,” explains Rhein in a recent interview, “But their significant other could do just the same to them!”

This song entails that relationships can be complicated, but no one person is better than the other. Some of his previous projects like “Not For Me” and “Break It Down” have entertained thousands of fans worldwide. Harmonic PoP is the artist’s sound. He mixes acoustic and hip hop sounds. 

Rhein has always been passionate for music. His inspiration comes from this quote from Nelson Mandela “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” He believes that music is a common language that helps everyone connect regardless of race, religion, or country.

As Ike is gearing up to release more singles, two before the end of the year, and one more in 2022, be sure to tap in with him via social media @ikerhein on Instagram and @IkeRhein23 on Twitter. 


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