Russian footballer handed 48-game ban


A footballer in the 9th division of Austrian football has been handed an astonishing 48-game ban for intentionally breaking the nose of their opponent.

Amateur Russian footballer Raschid Arsanukaev, has been handed the ban after headbutting an opponent.

Kronen Zeitung, reports that Arsanukaev, who was playing for FC Viktoria 62 Bregenz in their away clash to Göfis Satteins in the 9th division of Austrian football, was initially sent off for two bookable offences. The second offense was also a headbutt.

The player then took exception to referee Romano Giovanni’s decision and reportedly said: “I’ll show you what’s punishable,” before proceeding to headbutt an opponent, breaking their nose.

The victim had to undergo surgery on their broken nose, and will remain there for several weeks.

Arsanukaev however, was released by his club Viktoria immediately following the incident and has been banned by The Criminal, Control and Reporting Committee (STRUMA) of the Vorarlberg Football Association, with the maximum penalty of a 48-game ban being enforced.

This means that he will be unable play football again until autumn 2023.

Other clubs have been informed by the local football authorities about the ban to ensure that he is not able to continue playing elsewhere.


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