Paola Jara Striking A Pose
Colombia Cumbias

Paola Jara

Real Name : Paola Jara
Nickname : N/A
Born : May 16, 1983
Birth Place : Apartado, Antioquia, Colombia

From the first grade Paola Jara began participating in singing at festival without any accompaniment and performed the song “Mi Botecito”. Since then her enthusiasm for music has been aroused and made it part of her life.

Paola Jara grew alternating her studies with classes in guitar, singing with her father at family parties and winning first place in the competitions that were organized in her region of Antioquia, Colombia.

Paola Jara was part of a children’s musical group called Tares Club and thus explored genres such as ballads, tropical music, gender and other children.

Alvaro Taborda, who led the group, was interested in working with Palola independently and they recorded a demo of various genres. Pola and Alvaro knocked on several label’s doors to achieve the desired support.

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