Miss Lady Pinks And Her Nike Cortez
Chicano Rap

Miss Lady Pinks

Real Name : ?
Nickname : The Queen of Hi Power
Born : N/A
Birth Place : San Gabriel Valley, California, United States

The Queen of Hi Power, West Coast southern Cali Latin / Chicana female rapper Miss Lady Pinks is the only female to be accepted and respected in the gangster male dominant world. She is the only female in history to be signed to Hi Power records/kosh the realest and the hardest ganster label on the streets.

The Hi Power is built real gangster from many different respected and known southern California areas. “MLP” was homegrown and raised in the hills of south San Gabriel lacated in the “SGV” (Los Angeles County) which stangs for “San Gabriel Valley”. Also known as the home of Mr. Capone-E and others in the Hi Power family.

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