Martin Castillo Striking A Pose For The Camera
Corridos Sierreño

Martin Castillo

Real Name : Martin Encinas Castillo
Nickname : N/A
Born : March 24, 1980
Birth Place : Los Angeles, California, United States

With 100% Mexican roots and identified with Brown Pride. A new talent who seeks to enter the public taste of regional Mexican music format. Comes knocking on doors altering the scene and conquer hearts, this is Martin Castillo.

Martín Encinas Castillo, born March 24, 1980 in the City of Los Angeles California. Son of Jose Encinas Castillo, a native of a village near the Sonoran capital of Hermosillo and Ms. Ramona Rodriguez, who is originally from the border city of Mexicali Baja California.

Since very little, Martin showed his qualities of music. His parents realize that the first words were sung by the artist. Also describe by his parents which were proud to put your child in the center of family gatherings to sing them some tunes. Realizing he had the gift of music, when he was in the 5th grade his parents send him to music school to learn to read music, play snare drum and trumpet, thus starting the path of learning .

Thanks to a fellow of the institution where he studied music at the age of 12 he joined Banda Azpericueta, where he played the snares and giving him his first opportunity as professional and where he remained until 16 years of age.

He continued to be the drummer for a new band called “Sueño Norteño.” And before going solo, for 11 years was part of one of the most important groups in Los Angeles, known as “Los Dos Grandes de la Sierra”, where he sang alongside his colleague and friend Regulo Cota, with a musical history than 10 productions and sharing stages along his career with bands the likes of Hurricanes del Norte among others.

Passionate about sports, especially baseball, Martin aside from other hobbies he uses his own recording engineer sound system at home to record new music.

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