Latest on Antonio Rudiger’s Chelsea contract talks


Contract talks are all about leverage, and all the power lies with players just now if they find themselves in the final 12 months of their contract.

Most clubs are struggling financially just now so free transfers are going to be more attractive than ever, but it also means they are more likely to overpay in terms of wages because there’s no fee involved.

Players and agents know that, and this podcast will interest Chelsea fans as Telegraph writer Matt Law talked about the current situation with Antonio Rudiger:

It’s an urgent matter because Rudiger’s deal is up in the summer and that allows him to sign a pre-contract agreement from January, while it also sounds like the market for free transfers is growing stronger so it’s probably in his interests to wait it out if money is the only motivation.

Chelsea don’t tend to lose players they want to keep and certainly not for nothing, so it’s suggested that he’s been offered around £140k per week to sign a new deal.

It’s claimed that the amount would be a solid increase on what he earns now, but it’s only seen as the opening offer so he’ll probably earn more than that if a deal can be worked out.

He’s a regular starter for Thomas Tuchel and they may have to replace Thiago Silva in the summer so it makes sense to keep him around, and it does sound like a deal could be agreed, but it will probably be more than Chelsea really want to pay him each week.


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